Frequently asked questions

Improve profit margin

Be more profitable in ecommerce. Maximise the revenue of every page view seamlessly.


Real-time reporting dashboard measuring the performance of your platform from daily revenue right through to individual search term CTRs.

Empower your data

Your first-party data is your key point of difference, we give you the technology to commercialise it the right way.

Multi-wallet support

Our platform offers multi-wallet options for brands and filtered reporting for retail departments and categories.

Advertiser visibility & control

See exactly how each of your brands are performing. Add budget to wallets Approve campaigns and edit campaigns - all at your fingertips.

Tag-based campaigns

Tag each product to streamline internal performance reporting and reconciliation processes.

Cross sell and up sell

Give your brands the opportunity to pair their products to other complementary products - the perfect opportunity to land in new customer baskets.

Payments Accepted

We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Checks and Cash

We strive to exceed your expectations!