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  • Are there any harsh chemicals in your cleaning process?
    No. Absolutely not! We use specialty live culture bacteria from highly respected companies: SCD Probiotics, Chrisal, Airbiotics, EcoLabs,Ltd. , KiKu, Z Bioscience. Many of these companies have published technical papers of large scale studies done in Hospitals, food making facilities, residential homes comparing probiotic cleaners with traditional cleaners. We use a Hygenia ATP meter to quantify the bacteria present when we start cleaning, and what we are able to achieve in bacterial reduction after cleaning.
  • How long does it take to dry?
    That depends on the weather outside, the relative humidity, the material the carpet or upholstery is made of, and the method used: HWE hot water extraction or VLM very low moisture. average drying times foe HWE is 4-6 hours...average dry times for VLM is 1-3 hours.
  • Can I walk on it when it's damp?
    Yes! it wont hurt the carpet, but there is an increased risk of slipping when you step off it on to a hard surface...tile, linoleum, hardwood.
  • Do you clean upholstery and draperies?
    Yes, we do. we have developed a special protocol for cleaning delicate furniture and rugs. We were contacted by the City of Fremont to clean the inlaid Wilton Wool Carpets at the Patterson Museum at Ardendale in Fremont. Those carpets were ordered from Wilton Ebgland in 1939, completed by the mill in 1942, delivered just in time. The Wilton Carpet Mill was bombed by the Germans in 1943. those carpets are no longer made. My background as a glass artist and the early training from my antique dealer parents has been a huge help in examining how to proceed on delicate or irreplaceable objects with minimal damage potential.

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