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When We Say Clean, we mean it.

We use a Hospital Grade Hygenia ATP meter for measuring the actual bacterial count before and after cleaning. Beyond just "looking good ",The ATP meter gives us actual bacteria counts before and after cleaning to prove the reduction in potentially pathogenic bacteria.

We offer a variety of services: Commercial and Residential carpet cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning,   Upholstery cleaning,  Drapery cleaning, Tile and Grout cleaning, Wall steam cleaning., and Color -matched Carpet Dyeing for bleach spots, sun fade and other carpet color losses.WE utilize Hot Water extraction, Low Moisture Rotary , Oscillating Pad and Counter Rotating Brush Systems using cleaning agents appropriate for the rug construction and soils present..

For many jobs we use Organic Probiotic cultures that create the necessary enzymes to remove the soils. Numerous Hospital studies have proved the efficacy of cleaning with this method. Clients with compromised health should consider our Probiotic cleaning system with measurement of Bacteria counts before and after cleaning. We strive to use the best, safest and most effective cleaning agents for the soils present in the areas you need cleaned.


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